Friday, August 14, 2009

Have you met Memphis Larry?

You may have seen him parading around the streets of downtown Memphis dressed as half of a vampire, a Geico cave man, a piece of broccoli, or even a strange man named Phil Jones. Whatever his current characterization, Memphis Larry is always out for fun! Recently, he was California for a costume convention and crashed this wedding in the same hotel!

What a crazy guy he is! Memphis Larry is always out doing nutty things. One time, he won a dance contest during St. Patrick's Day at the newly re-named Kooky Canucks. He's got more green than the former King Willy could steal in 20 years! Anyway, you can friend Memphis Larry on Facebook anytime by clicking HERE. Then you can meet up with him for a drink and picture at any of downtown Memphis' fine establishments. Except City Hall. It's not so fine.

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