Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10 Random Phobias...

Everyone has random fears...hell, I'm afraid of losing my pillows! Below is a random list of 10 phobias found on, which features a long list of alphabetically charged phobias. Some of these are so random, even I had trouble finding them! Then again, I can't use a mouse, or a keyboard...I'm all arms and no hands =(

1.-Didaskaleinophobia--Fear of going to school. No wonder all the redneck kids are stupid, they are didaskaleinophobes! Ummm, duh...! It's easier to make babies and get free money, what was I thinking?!

2.-Ephebiphobia--Fear of teenagers. Some ephebiphobes are didaskaleinophobes. Yeah, say THAT 3 times fast. I dare ya!

3.-Hierophobia--Fear of priests or sacred things. Now this I could understand...I have 2 people that sit on me regularly that are studying to be priests. The weird part is that they find me sacred...I might be a Hierophobe...priests have gas...

4.-Clinophobia--Fear of going to bed. I meet a lot of drunk people this way. They don't want to wake up with a hangover so they become clinophobes. Kinda cool for me because I meet interesting people and get more attention!

5.-Pogonophobia--Fear of beards. I've never really had a problem with this. Some girl that sat on me once told me she did, said her boyfriend's beard felt weird between her legs. I was like, why would your boyfriend be growing a beard between your legs?...Strange!

6.-Caligynephobia--Fear of beautiful women. This, I have a problem with...what the hell is wrong with people?! FEAR OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN? COME ON!!!

7.-Apeirophobia--Fear of infinity.
My friend Erika helped me pick this one. How can you be afraid of infinity? You can't even see it! I guess people are more afraid of being around for infinity. Well that's my plan soooo get used to it.

8.-Kymophobia--Fear of waves. I once met a boat who showed me on my upholstery all the cool places he had been. He was a Kymophobe though, he didn't like waves at all. He feared waves so much that he decided he didn't even have to wave goodbye to me...ASS!

9.-Peladophobia--Fear of bald people. I;ve never been a peladaphobe. My friend Fred is...but that's because he is going bald faster than Patrick Stewart.

10.-Vestiphobia--Fear of clothing. This is my favorite. I can't wait until my wonderful friend Erika advertises what she calls her "biggest fear" and lounges all over me in the process. ;)

MapCouch Tip: Don't get these fears...unless you are Erika, then get #10 hourly...or at least whenever you visit. ;)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

20 Worst Foods in America

As you may remember, in June the MapCouch promoted healthy habits and lifestyles by offering up a book that many people may have found interesting, called Eat This, Not That. Well, in addition to that book, Men's Health Magazine has also featured on its website, (under the same section), an incredibly honest listing of the 20 Worst Foods in America. No no, these aren't foods you've eaten at home on the MapCouch, these are restaurant dishes that many of us have had at least one of. These scary 20 include some surprises, so pin up your trousers and sit up straight on the MapCouch before you gander at this list. The listing, along with many other great health-related topics, can be found HERE.

P.S. We are currently in talks to attain the Men's Health official status as "Best Couch to Lounge on after Eating The 20 Worst Foods in America".

Monday, July 21, 2008

I've Got those Brief Hiatus Blues...

I haven't been around for a while to update the MapCouch, and for good reason. I have been babysitting a friend's small business, keeping things running smoothly and spending all my time doing that. But that is all over for the time being, and things (posts/topics/craziness) should ensue again shortly. Thanks for your patience, and your support...The MapCouch had more hits during the period of no-posting than it has had since its creation.

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