Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10 Random Phobias...

Everyone has random fears...hell, I'm afraid of losing my pillows! Below is a random list of 10 phobias found on, which features a long list of alphabetically charged phobias. Some of these are so random, even I had trouble finding them! Then again, I can't use a mouse, or a keyboard...I'm all arms and no hands =(

1.-Didaskaleinophobia--Fear of going to school. No wonder all the redneck kids are stupid, they are didaskaleinophobes! Ummm, duh...! It's easier to make babies and get free money, what was I thinking?!

2.-Ephebiphobia--Fear of teenagers. Some ephebiphobes are didaskaleinophobes. Yeah, say THAT 3 times fast. I dare ya!

3.-Hierophobia--Fear of priests or sacred things. Now this I could understand...I have 2 people that sit on me regularly that are studying to be priests. The weird part is that they find me sacred...I might be a Hierophobe...priests have gas...

4.-Clinophobia--Fear of going to bed. I meet a lot of drunk people this way. They don't want to wake up with a hangover so they become clinophobes. Kinda cool for me because I meet interesting people and get more attention!

5.-Pogonophobia--Fear of beards. I've never really had a problem with this. Some girl that sat on me once told me she did, said her boyfriend's beard felt weird between her legs. I was like, why would your boyfriend be growing a beard between your legs?...Strange!

6.-Caligynephobia--Fear of beautiful women. This, I have a problem with...what the hell is wrong with people?! FEAR OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN? COME ON!!!

7.-Apeirophobia--Fear of infinity.
My friend Erika helped me pick this one. How can you be afraid of infinity? You can't even see it! I guess people are more afraid of being around for infinity. Well that's my plan soooo get used to it.

8.-Kymophobia--Fear of waves. I once met a boat who showed me on my upholstery all the cool places he had been. He was a Kymophobe though, he didn't like waves at all. He feared waves so much that he decided he didn't even have to wave goodbye to me...ASS!

9.-Peladophobia--Fear of bald people. I;ve never been a peladaphobe. My friend Fred is...but that's because he is going bald faster than Patrick Stewart.

10.-Vestiphobia--Fear of clothing. This is my favorite. I can't wait until my wonderful friend Erika advertises what she calls her "biggest fear" and lounges all over me in the process. ;)

MapCouch Tip: Don't get these fears...unless you are Erika, then get #10 hourly...or at least whenever you visit. ;)

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