Thursday, November 27, 2008

3 Things I Love About Thanksgiving

There are many holidays throughout the year that capture the very essence of the American spirit. 4th of July, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day are among the few. But to me, none of these even come close. What other holiday encompasses eating literally as much food as a minimum 3 motherly figures (not these type) can make in one sitting? What could be more American than that? In this post, I will chronicle my 3 Favorite parts of this turkey-licious holiday. Love it....No, better yet, enjoy it like you enjoy that marshmallow pie...mmmm.

1. The Thanksgiving Spread
There are only a few things in this world (my skin) more sexy than the ladies. One of these very few items happens to be the traditional Thanksgiving spread. Now we all know it generally includes turkey, dressing, stuffing, and any number or variety of vegetables. But what makes this MY absolute favorite? You guessed it! Mashed Potatoes! Whether you take them with gravy or without, they are definitely one of the most exciting parts of a MapCouch Thanksgiving!

2. The Family Time
I'm a couch, with a map on me. Of course this is one of my favorite things! People come from all over to gorge themselves on delicious foods and we expect me, the MapCouch, to not enjoy the company? Sheesh! What better way to spend time with family than with your mouths full of food?

3. The Cornucopia
This semi-ancient symbol of all that is good and plenty serves up more overdose of edibles than your local catfish house. Now that's good eatin'! Serving as the trophy of Thanksgiving meals for generations, the cornucopia is the centerpiece of centerpieces at any Thanksgiving celebration! Hell, if it wasn't for the turducken, John Madden would choose the cornucopia for the horse trailer MVP wall any day! "Here's a guy that needs to quit eating!"

MapCouch Tip: Show your favorite couch some love after you stuff yourself a minimum of 3 times!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Map of the Day

Friday, November 14, 2008

MapCouch Presents...MapShoe!!!

I hereby present my newest friend, MapShoe! I found this little guy while I was out walking Barack Obama's new puppy. Yep, I was in Peru! What makes that even better is that I can even show you where Peru was on my new friend! Silly maps, they are everywhere, I'm finding. I found a really cool map with only 2 colors...but I'm not sure what that is about! No really though, just when I thought all these map sightings were starting to get weird, THIS HAPPENS AGAIN. Not sure I'd want to know where that was on a map. At any rate, be sure to welcome our new friend to his reserved seat on the MapCouch...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Thank You Wave....

Have you ever been sitting in traffic, in the back of a delivery van? If you have, surely you know that because of their size, delivery vans must be let into every lane and lot at the behest and good graces of other drivers. And of course, after each one of those drivers lets you squeeeeeze through traffic, you find yourself giving the "Thank-You Wave."

This situation leads me to raise an interesting question of social interaction. Can that wave be over-used?

Ever the subject of controversy, this thank-you wave has been re-counted and poured over in various areas of the media, including appearances in this Seinfeld episode, and in this article. Some feel that this wave has disintegrated into the new driver complexities and evolutions of cell-phones, music/media, and fast food consumption while driving. Others feel the that wave is just as important as it was thirty years ago, when the wave seemed more likely to be used than it is today. In any case, bloggers have erupted on this current demise of common courtesy. I'd like to know how you feel...Are you a waver? or a scum-sucking apathy-monger that refuses to wave when someone lets you barge your delivery van through traffic? Check out the poll in the sidebar and tell me what you think....!!!

MapCouch Tip: Do the wave folks!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Sunday, November 2, 2008

MapCouch steals swing votes!!!

Now is the time to vote for MapCouch! With the election fast approaching, many of you are possibly 'on the fence' about which candidate to vote for. I'm here to tell you that your vote is well invested in me, the MapCouch. Lost on the issues? Tired of the 'promises'? I'm here to sell something that no other candidate for president can, comfort. No matter what the economy looks like, I'll be here to keep you comfortable and safe for as long as my atlas-skin will last. In the meantime, look to the future of your happiness, and vote for MapCouch!

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