Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Top 5 Quotes about the MapCouch

I know, I know. I've been slow to post. The MapCouch yelled at me yesterday. Unfortunately its quote was too obscene to be displayed in this list, but we do have 5 quotes that have come from MapCouch friends themselves. From time to time, we try to get people together and sit them on the MapCouch and see what comes to mind. These are the top 5 of recent months. Enjoy!

-- "Kevin, your ass is in Europe, your head is in Russia. What is the
bathroom like for you?"- Francis

-- "I febreezed the MapCouch for you."-Kevin

-- "The MapCouch is the only place farting constitutes global warming"- Ben

-- "The MapCouch is the only place two friends can both be in Asia but
still oceans apart"- Chauncey

-- Upon being called and given directions, Lil E' offered up the following into the phone conversation..."Wait, where is it? Hold on, ok. I'm by the MapCouch now. Let me see if I can find it."


"Good morning Nick." -Christy

Thursday, April 24, 2008

MapCouch's 10 Coolest GRE Study Words

As anyone has taken the GRE can tell you, there is a list of anomalous words that personify the utmost vocabulary education a human can attain. However, in many areas of English-speaking society, these words go often unused, and for obvious reason. MapCouch, in its never-ending quest for the betterment of society, has decided you need a vocabulary intake. Today the MapCouch has complied a list of the Coolest 10 Words on the GRE Study list. Take a look at the list below and see if you can come up with a sentence for these words:

10. Conflagration - noun. A great fire.
When you see the MapCouch, your heart (or pants) will experience an exciting conflagration.

9. Bifurcate - verb. To divide into two branches or parts.
You should never bifurcate your love for the MapCouch.

8. Impecunious - adjective. Penniless or poor.
Someone who leads an impecunious life will most definitely find solace (or pocketchange!) within the MapCouch.

7. Eleemosynary - adjective. Of, relating to, or supported by charity.
If you did find pocketchange in the MapCouch, that would be attributed to its eleemosynary nature.

6. Perfidious - adjective. Deliberately treacherous; dishonest.
I have never been witness to a perfidious MapCouch.

5. Voracious - adjective. Craving or devouring large quantities of food, drink, or other things.
If you are a voracious drinker, you will find crashing on the MapCouch very highly satisfying.

4. Turpitude - noun. Depravity; baseness.
The MapCouch has never been fired from a job for its moral turpitude.

3. Pusillanimous - adjective. Cowardly, timid, or irresolute; petty.
If a pusillanimous burglar breaks in and tries to sit on the MapCouch, somebody better put a bullet in his ear.

2. Twitterpated - adjective. Confused by affection or infatuation.
The flush of the young girl's face indicated that she was twitterpated when she felt the touch of the MapCouch against her butt as she sat down.

1. Pulchritudinous - adjective. Beautiful.
The MapCouch's fabric is utterly pulchritudinous.

-nefarious - n. - Wicked, evil.
-plethora - n. - Excessively large quantity; overabundance.
-lugubrious - adj. - Weighty, mournful, or gloomy, especially to an excessive degree.
-exacerbate - v. - To increase the bitterness or violence of; to aggravate.
-antediluvian - adj. - Ancient; outmoded.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Check out the MapCouch GuestMap!

Alas, my efforts to create the ultimate GuestMap have failed. What I wanted to do, and am still trying to do, is to get an image of the MapCouch world-map superimposed over a functional Google Map. Yeah, pin your location directly on the MapCouch, wouldn't that rock? But it seems the programming required to screw with that stuff is beyond my current technical abilities. SOO, what I have gotten at this time is a GuestMap for the MapCouch fans that visit here. It is in the sidebar to your right, should you be reading this directly on the MapCouch page (you better be!). So anyway, check it out!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

MapCouch video!

Here is the video that corresponds to yesterday's post about the super-stardom of the MapCouch! Check it out! Be sure to vote for Corduroy Wednesday Films at the link here:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well it's official. The MapCouch itself stars in it's first ever short film! CW Films credits the MapCouch with one of its best short films ever made! As I was messing around on Myspace I saw this bulletin from our friends over at CW Films! Please keep your support for them as strong as it is for the MapCouch! Vote for CW Films and the MapCouch today!

Yes dear fans of Corduroy Wednesday, we call upon you to stand up, do the right thing, and vote. No, not the little contest in November. Vote for something that can mean a difference!!! Vote for Corduroy Wednesday's latest, greatest little creation in The Doorpost Film Project. Our short film, L'Hippopotame Vert FTW!, is amongst the entries looking for a $100,000 grand prize! We need fans to view and vote for us. The Doorpost Film Project is a contest of 5 minute or less shorts about certain themes. 15 chosen winners will be granted $20,000 to make another short and from that a $100,000 grand prize winner will be chosen.

Actors, if we get to make a second film guess who we'll be bugging?!? Vote for a future paying gig!!!
Click on the link below or visit to see entries.

Fellow filmmakers, go ahead and get in on this as well! The contest is still going but remember vote L'Hippopotame Vert FTW!

Just a quick update...I have been uber-busy with school and work. Mostly school. Anywho, we have an upcoming guest post on Friday from Lil' E. Lil' E is the MapCouch's most frequent commenter, and the MapCouch also currently resides at his place. Lil' E has asked me to allow him to guest post so that he can offer his "literary" tribute to the MapCouch. Sorry again for the lack of updates, it's crunch time at WKU. Wish I could study on the MapCouch!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

MapCouch's Favorite Video!

Apparently this video has been on the web for some time yet, and I just hadn't found it until now. This video might be something you have seen before, but it most definitely goes along with the sort of silly phenomena that seem to surround the MapCouch from time to time. Credit for this video is hard to give, I found it on Metacafe, where I read people's comments about it being stolen. I'll give credit to, as that seems to be what the video is branded with. Enjoy, here it is!

Cheating Wife - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

A MapCouch timeline...

After some contemplation and days without a post, I decided that the next best thing is to come up with a timeline of ownership of the MapCouch. This is important because as the MapCouch moves through time and space and the existence of mankind, it is important that we remember the roots of the MapCouch, what it is, and what it will become. So, for those loyal to the MapCouch, and to all who have yet to discover its full glory, I present to you the very simplistic yet highly underrated timeline of the MapCouch.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another fan finds his way to the MapCouch...

I'd like to welcome someone new into the realm of the MapCouch. Very recently, our new friend Ben had the chance to sit on the MapCouch and contemplate his place in the world. Ben, being of sound logical mind and body, decided that North America was the most fitting area over which to park his ass. Thanks Ben, to your credit (and the photographer) we appreciate very much the honor of posting your snapshot here today to share with the MapCouch World. This is perhaps one of the best MapCouch poses to date!

Monday, April 7, 2008

MapCouch, the Friends and Supporters...

I'd like to take this early opportunity to address the friends and supporters of the MapCouch, who they are, and what they are about. The MapCouch blog would not be possible without some of them, and without a couple, the MapCouch would just be another place to park your ass for a while. Keep in mind this list is ever-expanding, and welcomes all kinds.

Sean Davis Photography
Sean Davis is a friend of mine, and is an excellent photographer. He currently works with another friend of the MapCouch, Memphis Sport Magazine and mostly does freelance work. Check out his site, and take a look at his photo blog as well. Sean is responsible (and I am grateful) for taking the photographs of the MapCouch itself, in order to get this blog off the ground and rolling. He is currently based in Memphis, Tennessee, and is available for contact through his site.

Corduroy Wednesday Films
This marvelous friend of the MapCouch is based out of Memphis as well, as are most of our current friends and supporters. CW Films, as they are also known, is responsible for the blockbuster independent film, Grim Sweeper. Be sure to stay up to date on their current and upcoming film projects!

The trailer for their latest full length feature, Grim Sweeper, can be viewed here:

Memphis Sport Magazine
Probably the most dynamic and best looking website of any Memphis publication, and arguably any other publication at that, Memphis Sport Magazine boasts the best coverage of sports action in the Memphis and Mid-South area. With the region's most exciting sports coverage, Memphis Sport has quickly become the premiere go-to for Memphis sports action. Check out their beautiful and highly functional site; you can even read an electronic version of their latest issue!

Jettutor's Aviation Career Advice
The Jettutor is a Captain for a major U.S. cargo airline with a vast amount of international and domestic flying experience. Check out his site for tips, tricks, and advice on exactly how to get your aviation career started. In addition to being one of the best resources on the web for aviation career advice, the Jettutor is the first and longest-running owner of the MapCouch!
Check him out today!

Wedding Cakes by Harriet

The mother of the MapCouch and the mother of this blogger is an exclusive and top-notch maker of traditional and contemporary wedding and novelty cakes. Check out her site for a multitude of images of her talented work, as well as ordering and pricing information! Also check out her exciting new project, BakeryBuddy! For more information, click on her link on the right.

Well, that does it for the MapCouch friends and supporters, at least for now. If you would like to become a MapCouch friend or supporter, or need to get in contact with one, post a comment under this post and I'll be absolutely sure to get you the contact info right away! See you soon!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Drug death goes up...people keep falling down

I am not someone who takes death lightly, but I feel the need to comment on the Top 5 ways to die from injury in the United States. This article from USA Today, suggests that more people are dying from poisonous drugs than firearm-related deaths. (I say firearm-related deaths because the guns themselves do not kill people.) At any rate, due to the rising rate of OxyContin abusers we have in our great nation, more people are dying from taking too much of this drug. That wasn't really what concerned me about this article. If you follow the link here:

Drug Deaths @ USA Today
to the article, you will notice a statistics chart for 2004, the year with the latest data available. Interestingly enough, it shows that we had 20,426 people fall accidentally. That's right, they fell. Lost their balance at a ridiculously high floor at work, and fell. Allow me to clarify. They fell. How do that many people fall a year? I really don't understand, and here's why:

Reasons to Avoid Falling
- It hurts.
- You could die.
- Falling, or keeping yourself from falling, is the main objective for like the first 10 years of everyone's life. You are a kid, you will ultimately fall, skin your knee, and it will hurt. So you don't fall.
- What have we forgotten about the effects of falling during the course of growing up? Even during adulthood if you fall down on the sidewalk it's hilarious and everyone laughs at you. I would. I do. I actually use the phrase, "Walk Much?"
- Our mothers always said, "If he tells you to go jump off a bridge would you do it?"...a CLEAR reference that falling is bad.

But perhaps there are several reasons these people wanted to fall. Maybe Tom Petty inspired them in the song Free Falling. I immediately assumed they meant to fall, like in suicide, but this is supposed to be accidental falls. I really don't get it, at all. If you think you can help me understand, or I'm missing some obvious accidental falling situation, or maybe I'm forgetting a reason to fall, leave a comment. Let me know. I guess I just don't understand how you can allow yourself to just fall.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

MapCouch! Just Sittin' on Top of the World...

What makes the MapCouch so special? Is it just a dashing daybed, or a super-sweet sleeper sofa? Perhaps it is the display of the "cryptic seacreatures" as one MapCouch fan puts it. Or maybe it's just the "worldly" feeling it gave its former owner. Whatever the case, the MapCouch blends sophistication and seating; cartography and couches. It is the atlas of our lives, and is also a great place to sleep off a hangover; both giving it so much character.

To repay the MapCouch, and to honor its existence in hundreds of lives, we promote its existence to thousands, if not millions as we continue on. Please join us on our quest to reveal to the web world the ideas and instances in which the MapCouch has touched our lives. We'll share ideas, comments, and concerns along the way, and possibly share a seat as well!

Below you will find a soon-to-be updated slide show of some pictures of the MapCouch in action, as well as posing for our cameras, our hearts, and our souls. In addition, please take our small poll about the MapCouch, enjoy the slide show, and be ready for the next update soon!

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