Saturday, June 21, 2008

MapCouch Introduces...Manterns!!!

One of the hardest things to do in life is shop for a guy, especially a guy who has everything. Wives, girlfriends, children, and friends can all agree that selecting the perfect gift for that special cave-dwelling, back-scratching, manly-man is no easy task. But no longer! The MapCouch is here once again to introduce, Manterns!

offers unique candles in a bouquet of unique scents; the smell of a baseball glove, the tantalizing aroma of ribs, or the fermented fragrance of beer.
Very reasonably priced, Manterns offers a great product for anyone wanting to please the special man in their lives. These can also make great additions to any collection or theme room within the house.
Be Sure to check out Manterns today!

MapCouch Tip: If this post gets around to the Manterns people, PLEASE make a candle that smells like the MapCouch! ;-P

Friday, June 20, 2008

MapCouch's friend, Devin Smith!

About a week ago, we featured what we think is currently the funniest (dumbest and most awesome) commercial on regular television (Click here to see what I'm referring to). After browsing the internet, particularly Google, I was unable to answer the question that I found was plaguing so many viewers: What song is featured in the dancing caveman commercials? Well, as you can see on that post, one of the MapCouch friends and supporters left us a comment with a little bit of info! Thanks to Amy for giving the answer!

The song featured on those commercials is by Devin Smith, and can be heard on his myspace page @ Additionally you can go to to hear all the awesome tunes Devin has created!

MapCouch Tip: Devin Smith is the man! Go check him out!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

MapCouch is now on Myspace!!!

Your favorite couch is now on Myspace!! The MapCouch Myspace page has finally arrived!!! Go to and add me today!

Friday, June 13, 2008

MapCouch Promotes Your Health!

As always, the MapCouch has continually promoted healthy lifestyles. One of the MapCouch's firmest beliefs is sleeping off hangovers (on the MapCouch), not being at work! So in keeping with traditions of excellence, the MapCouch brings to you a healthy promotion of sorts. A new(er) book, called Eat This, Not That features ways in which you can swap everyday foods such as fast food or snacks for healthier fast food or snacks.

You can check out featured Eat This, Not That web sites by Men's Health Magazine and Women's Health Magazine as well!

You don't have to stop eating the foods you love, just eat healthier versions of them! MapCouch recommends you couple this change in intake with some light exercise as well (jumping on the MapCouch does not count). Remember, exercise is always easiest when you have the MapCouch to come home to!

To view purchasing information about this book, CLICK HERE!

MapCouch Tip: Reading books is healthy mental exercise! Pick up your favorite page-turner and take a load off on the MapCouch!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Coolest Self Portrait

Artist Erik Nordennankar uses GPS and DHL to paint a self portrait of himself on a globe image. Watch this video, and you will feel the same way I do; Erik should have used the MapCouch (not a regular map) to superimpose his self portrait! Enjoy!

MapCouch Tip: Always use the MapCouch in some way for your self portrait!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Geico's Dancing Caveman = MapCouch's Favorite Commercial

Jazz hands. Anything with jazz hands. You've most likely seen this commercial, and if you haven't, that's pretty lame. Everyone knows Baltimore is a great place to pickup dance moves, I find. Enjoy.

MapCouch Tip: If you know what music is used in this commercial, PLEASE post a comment here!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MapCouch Presents SkiiinnyG!

It is for some time now that I have been saving this material to post. SkiiinnyG has long been a fan and friend of the MapCouch, and is the Special4gent's brother. He is a drummer, recording technician, and music production major at a southern public university. Below are several links you should check out, and enjoy his music.

Pure Volume Artist Page

Youtube Homepage

MapCouch Tip: To look as skinny as possible in photos, don't take pictures with SkiiinnyG!

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