Friday, June 20, 2008

MapCouch's friend, Devin Smith!

About a week ago, we featured what we think is currently the funniest (dumbest and most awesome) commercial on regular television (Click here to see what I'm referring to). After browsing the internet, particularly Google, I was unable to answer the question that I found was plaguing so many viewers: What song is featured in the dancing caveman commercials? Well, as you can see on that post, one of the MapCouch friends and supporters left us a comment with a little bit of info! Thanks to Amy for giving the answer!

The song featured on those commercials is by Devin Smith, and can be heard on his myspace page @ Additionally you can go to to hear all the awesome tunes Devin has created!

MapCouch Tip: Devin Smith is the man! Go check him out!

1 comment:

Amy said...

you know i love to help out Mapcouch when i can :D

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