Friday, June 13, 2008

MapCouch Promotes Your Health!

As always, the MapCouch has continually promoted healthy lifestyles. One of the MapCouch's firmest beliefs is sleeping off hangovers (on the MapCouch), not being at work! So in keeping with traditions of excellence, the MapCouch brings to you a healthy promotion of sorts. A new(er) book, called Eat This, Not That features ways in which you can swap everyday foods such as fast food or snacks for healthier fast food or snacks.

You can check out featured Eat This, Not That web sites by Men's Health Magazine and Women's Health Magazine as well!

You don't have to stop eating the foods you love, just eat healthier versions of them! MapCouch recommends you couple this change in intake with some light exercise as well (jumping on the MapCouch does not count). Remember, exercise is always easiest when you have the MapCouch to come home to!

To view purchasing information about this book, CLICK HERE!

MapCouch Tip: Reading books is healthy mental exercise! Pick up your favorite page-turner and take a load off on the MapCouch!

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