Saturday, August 2, 2008

MapCouch Presents...Strange Maps!

In keeping with the spirit and tradition that is my cartographical greatness, I present you to the coolest blog that has yet to feature the MapCouch; BUT SHOULD. The blog in question, Strange Maps, features random tandem Atlases (or is it Atli?) and maps that have been made either for strange reasons, or that feature strange ways of displaying the geography that appears on them. As mentioned above, for an unknown reason, I have yet to be featured on this terrific blog, and feel that I fit right in. Thus, I request that everyone reading this post head on over to Strange Maps and leave them a comment. Something to the effect of, 'you are missing out on the coolest, strangest map ever made' will do perfectly fine.

MapCouch Tip:
Be sure to check out the cheese map of Canada @ Strange Maps!

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