Monday, April 7, 2008

MapCouch, the Friends and Supporters...

I'd like to take this early opportunity to address the friends and supporters of the MapCouch, who they are, and what they are about. The MapCouch blog would not be possible without some of them, and without a couple, the MapCouch would just be another place to park your ass for a while. Keep in mind this list is ever-expanding, and welcomes all kinds.

Sean Davis Photography
Sean Davis is a friend of mine, and is an excellent photographer. He currently works with another friend of the MapCouch, Memphis Sport Magazine and mostly does freelance work. Check out his site, and take a look at his photo blog as well. Sean is responsible (and I am grateful) for taking the photographs of the MapCouch itself, in order to get this blog off the ground and rolling. He is currently based in Memphis, Tennessee, and is available for contact through his site.

Corduroy Wednesday Films
This marvelous friend of the MapCouch is based out of Memphis as well, as are most of our current friends and supporters. CW Films, as they are also known, is responsible for the blockbuster independent film, Grim Sweeper. Be sure to stay up to date on their current and upcoming film projects!

The trailer for their latest full length feature, Grim Sweeper, can be viewed here:

Memphis Sport Magazine
Probably the most dynamic and best looking website of any Memphis publication, and arguably any other publication at that, Memphis Sport Magazine boasts the best coverage of sports action in the Memphis and Mid-South area. With the region's most exciting sports coverage, Memphis Sport has quickly become the premiere go-to for Memphis sports action. Check out their beautiful and highly functional site; you can even read an electronic version of their latest issue!

Jettutor's Aviation Career Advice
The Jettutor is a Captain for a major U.S. cargo airline with a vast amount of international and domestic flying experience. Check out his site for tips, tricks, and advice on exactly how to get your aviation career started. In addition to being one of the best resources on the web for aviation career advice, the Jettutor is the first and longest-running owner of the MapCouch!
Check him out today!

Wedding Cakes by Harriet

The mother of the MapCouch and the mother of this blogger is an exclusive and top-notch maker of traditional and contemporary wedding and novelty cakes. Check out her site for a multitude of images of her talented work, as well as ordering and pricing information! Also check out her exciting new project, BakeryBuddy! For more information, click on her link on the right.

Well, that does it for the MapCouch friends and supporters, at least for now. If you would like to become a MapCouch friend or supporter, or need to get in contact with one, post a comment under this post and I'll be absolutely sure to get you the contact info right away! See you soon!


lil' e said...

When I moved into my apartment Nick gave me the mapcouch. Not too long afterwards he gave the internet He truly is a beneficent person.

Special4gent said...

@ lil' e

Thanks man. Glad you are keeping up to date with the blog. Lil 'e is part of CW Films, and you can frequently find his supporting dialogue on the MapCouch blog.

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