Thursday, April 24, 2008

MapCouch's 10 Coolest GRE Study Words

As anyone has taken the GRE can tell you, there is a list of anomalous words that personify the utmost vocabulary education a human can attain. However, in many areas of English-speaking society, these words go often unused, and for obvious reason. MapCouch, in its never-ending quest for the betterment of society, has decided you need a vocabulary intake. Today the MapCouch has complied a list of the Coolest 10 Words on the GRE Study list. Take a look at the list below and see if you can come up with a sentence for these words:

10. Conflagration - noun. A great fire.
When you see the MapCouch, your heart (or pants) will experience an exciting conflagration.

9. Bifurcate - verb. To divide into two branches or parts.
You should never bifurcate your love for the MapCouch.

8. Impecunious - adjective. Penniless or poor.
Someone who leads an impecunious life will most definitely find solace (or pocketchange!) within the MapCouch.

7. Eleemosynary - adjective. Of, relating to, or supported by charity.
If you did find pocketchange in the MapCouch, that would be attributed to its eleemosynary nature.

6. Perfidious - adjective. Deliberately treacherous; dishonest.
I have never been witness to a perfidious MapCouch.

5. Voracious - adjective. Craving or devouring large quantities of food, drink, or other things.
If you are a voracious drinker, you will find crashing on the MapCouch very highly satisfying.

4. Turpitude - noun. Depravity; baseness.
The MapCouch has never been fired from a job for its moral turpitude.

3. Pusillanimous - adjective. Cowardly, timid, or irresolute; petty.
If a pusillanimous burglar breaks in and tries to sit on the MapCouch, somebody better put a bullet in his ear.

2. Twitterpated - adjective. Confused by affection or infatuation.
The flush of the young girl's face indicated that she was twitterpated when she felt the touch of the MapCouch against her butt as she sat down.

1. Pulchritudinous - adjective. Beautiful.
The MapCouch's fabric is utterly pulchritudinous.

-nefarious - n. - Wicked, evil.
-plethora - n. - Excessively large quantity; overabundance.
-lugubrious - adj. - Weighty, mournful, or gloomy, especially to an excessive degree.
-exacerbate - v. - To increase the bitterness or violence of; to aggravate.
-antediluvian - adj. - Ancient; outmoded.

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