Wednesday, April 2, 2008

MapCouch! Just Sittin' on Top of the World...

What makes the MapCouch so special? Is it just a dashing daybed, or a super-sweet sleeper sofa? Perhaps it is the display of the "cryptic seacreatures" as one MapCouch fan puts it. Or maybe it's just the "worldly" feeling it gave its former owner. Whatever the case, the MapCouch blends sophistication and seating; cartography and couches. It is the atlas of our lives, and is also a great place to sleep off a hangover; both giving it so much character.

To repay the MapCouch, and to honor its existence in hundreds of lives, we promote its existence to thousands, if not millions as we continue on. Please join us on our quest to reveal to the web world the ideas and instances in which the MapCouch has touched our lives. We'll share ideas, comments, and concerns along the way, and possibly share a seat as well!

Below you will find a soon-to-be updated slide show of some pictures of the MapCouch in action, as well as posing for our cameras, our hearts, and our souls. In addition, please take our small poll about the MapCouch, enjoy the slide show, and be ready for the next update soon!

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