Thursday, May 15, 2008

Great Way to Feed the Needy!

Keeping with the tradition of the MapCouch is the quality and characteristic of charity. In this post, I'd like to feature a great website:
In very basic terms this site uses a simple vocabulary game to not only educate users on their vocabulary skills, but also uses correct answers to feed the hungry. For every vocabulary question you answer correctly, the site (from sponsors) donates 20 grains of rice. This may not seem like a lot, but do the quiz until you rack up about 500 or so, and you've fed somebody for a little more than one meal. Be sure to go over to and try out their game. There's no better way to learn vocabulary than practice, and there's no better way to feed the needy than by using education!

MapCouch Tip: Always be sure to tell panhandlers you don't support panhandling, you support charities.

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