Monday, May 12, 2008

Hit A&E show pulls out of Memphis!!!

Recently, the Memphis Police Department Director Larry Godwin decided to nix the contract between the department and the hit A&E show, "The First 48," The Commercial Appeal reports. Read the full text of the article here.

This is a huge problem! Not only for fans of the show, but for the repercussions that could occur. First of all, thousands of fans of this show will lose the viewing entertainment that the city of Memphis allows them to have. Memphis landmarks, including Beale Street, the Stax Museum, and Graceland have been used as backdrops for this amazing TV show. Additionally, as the show's producer states, this show helps build relationships between officers working homicide units in the city, and the general public, allowing for more tips and more solved cases. Also, it makes people aware of how important descriptions and information are to officers working homicide cases, and can be beneficial when more accurate information is provided.

Visit this page to sign the petition that will attempt to keep the First 48 in Memphis.


lil' e said...

Plus it highlights the crime rate in the city of Memphis, blemishing its image. The show brings undesired attention to the fact that Memphis is not a safe city. Paired with the aformentioned historical landmarks it creates an impression that these places are not safe either (I mean they aren't exactly that far from where the crimes reported in the first 48 actually take place.) I find myself grateful that the show will no longer be broadcasting this very one sided aspect of Memphis (because I don't entirely feel as unsafe as the show would have you believe I should), yet, strangely saddened by the fact that I will no longer be able to turn on my TV and balk at the stupidity of the state that this city is in. At least there is still Fox news!

Special4gent said...

@ lil' e
-The problem for me occurs when I live outside Memphis, and long for a taste of the ridiculousness the city enjoys so much of everyday. It's boring in Kentucky, so I take what entertainment I can. Plus I know several of those detectives!

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