Sunday, May 4, 2008

MapCouch's 5 Best Photoshop Resources!

Some of you may know that I enjoy photoshopping. Well recently, I have taken to the web to improve my skills, and have found some magnificent resources for doing so. That being said, in addition to posting a listing of the 5 Best Places to Learn to Photoshop (that I know of), I will post the brand new, version 1.0, MapCouch desktop background, featuring Ben of MapCouch friendship, in several resolutions. Be sure to leave a comment with your email and I will send you a pic of the MapCouch so you can photoshop yourself into it! Thanks to our #1 Photoshop resource for his tutorials in helping me make it. Enjoy!

The MapCouch Desktop Background
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MapCouch's Top 5 Online Photoshop Resources
1. Planet Photoshop - This website has not only the most professional design, but also the most professional tutorials. Corey Barker, executive producer for Planet Photoshop, has really gone all out to create an all-inclusive site for supreme photoshop resources.

2. - This site has tons of excellent tutorials for all your photoshopping needs. It's also
easy to find, as it appears number one in Google's search results for "photoshop tutorials."

3. - If you've ever, (and I mean ever) wanted to learn how to do anything with Adobe products (or lots of other software), this is the place. Featuring cool photoshop tutorials like designing your own concert poster, Tutorialized features how-to's on Flash, Fireworks, Illustrator, and almost every other web-related or graphics-related software program available.

4. - Features some all-around, easy to use tutorials for photoshop noobs. Excellent but small resource for building photoshopping skills.

5. - Another great site for photoshop skills improvement. Additionally, if you use the emergency link on their menu bar on the right, you can submit an emergency request for a photoshop tutorial.
Great site!

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