Saturday, May 3, 2008

MapCouch's Summer Movie Extravaganza

What are youuuu doing this summer? I'm going to work and park my ass on the MapCouch (with beer). So as exciting as my summer sounds, the MapCouch has eagerly chosen 10 highly anticipated blockbusters for the summer just to spite me and get me out of the house (MapCouch didn't say I couldn't go drunk). In addition, MapCouch went a step further and created a list of 5 movies that have potential, and a list of 8 movies to take the girlfriend (or loveseat) to. (Girls, you can always just drag one of your friends! :-P) Finally, we listed the movies that are gonna flop harder than my ass when it hits the MapCouch. So please enjoy the MapCouch's Summer Movie Extravaganza!

P.S. Thanks to EW for being my links bitch. All movies listed in order of release date.

Summer Blockbusters
1.-Iron Man-Released today, May 2nd.
2.-Speed Racer-Releases May 9th.
3.-The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian-Releases May 16th.
4.-Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull-Releases May 22nd! Be sure to find your movie posters!
5.-The Happening-Releases June 13th.
6.-Get Smart-Releases June 20th.
7.-Hancock-Releases July 2nd.-This movie just looks badass.
8.-The Dark Knight-Releases July 18th.-Another potentially badass film.
9.-Pineapple Express-Releases August 8th.
10.-Traitor-Releases August 29th.

5 Summer Movies with Potential
1.-The Foot Fist Way-Releases May 30th.
2.-Kung Fu Panda-Releases June 6th.
3.-Wall-E-Releases June 27th.
4.-Step Brothers-Releases July 25th.
5.-Crossing Over-Releases August 22nd.

8 Movies for the Girls
1.-Made of Honor-Released May 2nd.
2.-What Happens in Vegas-Releases May 9th.
3.-Sex and the City-Releases May 30th.
4.-Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl-Releases July 2nd.
5.-American Teen-Releases July 25th.
6.-The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2-Releases August 8th.
7.-The Accidental Husband-Releases August 22nd.
8.-The House Bunny-Releases August 22nd.

Summer Flops
1.-Savage Grace-Releases May 30th.
2.-The Love Guru-Releases June 20th.
3.-Meet Dave-Releases July 11th.
4.-Mamma Mia!-Releases July 18th.
5.-The Longshots-Releases July 25th.

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Anonymous said...

For a few seconds as I read #5, The Happening, I thought it said What's Happening!! and felt very excited for this movie. I probably will not feel as good as I did for those few fleeting seconds again.

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