Monday, October 20, 2008

MapCouch to host SNL?

Due to the buzz generated from my last post that featured Joe the Plumber sitting on me for like 14 days straight...MapCouch was featured on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update just before the Sarah Palin appearance. To date, Sarah Palin's appearance on Saturday Night boasted the highest ratings Saturday Night Live has had in 14 years. This apparently brought MapCouch speculators everywhere to start the could-be-true rumor that SNL will be hosted by MapCouch at somepoint in the near future. To add to that speculation, SNL referenced the ability of the MapCouch to constantly be at the center of the political scene, as cited by SNL in this photo of me at the debate with the candidates. Interestingly enough, I haven't actually become an issue myself. I guess plumber salaries and earmarks are more important. You be the judge. Vote for MapCouch!

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