Thursday, October 16, 2008

Logo Contest

So...I've been thinking. None of you have yet to draw a caricature of me. Not a single one. It irks me that there are no little pictures of me with a huge head, or tiny head and huge body. I think you guys can do it; wait!, I know you guys can do it. Someone out there that loves me for my mapped exterior can certainly find a humorous way to portray me! If you think you can, send the picture in an email to I look forward to your submissions, and will be thinking of some sort of relevant prize to whoever can create the best one. Let the games begin! Oh, and tell your friends, the prize might actually be seriously worth it!


Ty said...

whats the prize? And I like the other logos Special4gent has been making. The ones that are of campaign renditions.

Special4gent said...

The prize has yet to be decided...that's what makes it so great!

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